Apex Predators are Heavy Eaters

The bluefin tuna is an apex predator species of tuna that includes the Atlantic bluefin tuna, the Pacific bluefin tuna and the southern bluefin tuna. They are apex predators reaching up to 2,000 pounds, are somewhat warm-blooded and can reach speeds up to 45 mph. They are truly awesome fish.

They, live in all but the coldest oceans world wide. The bluefin is also known as the leaping tuna, tunny, shortfin tuna, ahi, and the great albacore. The largest recorded bluefin was caught in the Atlantic Ocean, and weighed over 1,500 pounds. They are some of the fastest marine animals in the ocean

bluefin tuna

Bluefins are overfished

Bluefin tunas are the prime species of fish that are used in sushi and sashimi. Sashimi is raw fish not sushi. The market for sushi and sashimi is huge in Japan as they eat 75% of it worldwide. This is causing a major decline in the Pacific bluefin tuna population. They are considered critically endangered which is one notch above extinct.

The solution

Unless the Japanese decide that eating raw fish just isn’t appealing anymore and leave the bluefins in the ocean, the Pacific bluefin tunas will probably go extinct. The only real solution is farming them. This has proven difficult due to their voracious appetites and tendency to ram into the walls of their enclosure. Nevertheless, bluefish farmers are finding more success in their ventures. Read more here.

Is Saving them practical or necessary?

Cows convert 2 pounds of feed into 1 pound of meat while bluefins convert 15 pounds of fish into 1 pound of meat- not a very good conversion rate at least compared to a cow. So to farm them requires a great deal of fish taken from the ocean unless there is some other food they can eat instead. Saving an apex predator fish is important as removing them causes a ripple effect of which the outcome is uncertain.

However, the thought of saving 15 pounds of fish per day with every bluefin removed makes for an interesting thought. If all the bluefins were to become suddenly extinct overnight wouldn’t that cause an explosion in the mackerel and sardine population which would benefit humans as well as other marine life? According to this facts on octopus site, octopus are the smartest creatures in the ocean, so saving them from bluefins should be important or not?

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  1. Damon says:

    Octopuses are smart, but that shouldn’t be the only consideration otherwise all the Obama voters should technically be fed to bluefins.

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